AMSTERDAM TRILOGY — get it today for only $ 2.99

The worst that can happen to you in idyllic Amsterdam is, probably, getting your pockets picked in the red-light district, or having a bad trip to a coffee shop.

Unless, of course, a sniper puts a bullet in your head while you ride your bicycle, a strangler places a tie around your neck on the morning jog in the local park, or a stalker wakes you with a hunting knife to your throat.

Amsterdam Trilogy follows the trials and tribulations of Inspector Rinus Rompa from the Amsterdam Criminal Investigation Department (ACID). Over eight months, he must track down and stop three ruthless and ferocious serial killers from adding to the body count all over town. Not an easy task for a recovering alcoholic struggling to stay off the booze, and in a constant battle with his demons while trying to prevent his private life from dissolving into even greater chaos. 

Get the trilogy of Amsterdam Sniper, Amsterdam Strangler, and Amsterdam Stalker for your Kindle on Amazon for the reduced price of only $ 2.99 — it’s almost criminal.

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