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Can you spare a moment?

GREAT! THEN PLEASE allow me to introduce myself. I’m private detective Lex Spijker. I hope you don’t mind if I start at the very beginning? Good zo. I was born on a spring Saturday afternoon at the Sint Lucas Andreas Hospital in Haarlem—the firstborn to Julienne Spijker (born Lévy in Paris in 1922) and Adam…

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Meet the stalker

On Tuesday, January 15 the Amsterdam Stalker is published to conclude the trilogy of the Rinus Rompa book series. Chapter one below introduces the inspector’s main antagonist. It was a sweltering Amsterdam summer night in late July. A heat wave had held the capital in its grip for almost two weeks and had no intention of…

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The stalker is (almost) here

If you read this, you’ve survived the Amsterdam Sniper and the Amsterdam Strangler. If you also survive the Amsterdam Stalker, I shall know when I see you for the book launch at Quellijnstraat 126A on Tuesday, January 15 from 18.00 to 20.00. I assure you that the Amsterdam Stalker concludes the Inspector Rinus Rompa series…

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